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Roleplay with original characters in the Sailor Moon universe.
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This is a half-comedy/half-drama RP that revolves around the well-known concept of fan-created Sailor Senshi/Scouts/Soldiers or "Otaku Senshi". It was made mostly to poke fun at the mostly cliched and sueish nature of these characters. But that doesn't mean that you can't play a balanced flawed character as well.

The dark star that was Sailor Nemesis, accompanied by her three senshi servants, was defeated after she descended upon Earth and trapped within the confines of Marin. The senshi that Neo Queen Serenity gathered in the small town were triumphant, but at costs to themselves. The three years that had passed up to that point saw the unknown warriors of distant stars and not-so-distant moons and asteroids band together against adversaries. They grew in power and relied on each other's strength, facing hardship and joys together.

New, unknown senshi continue to arrive, still arriving through some strange and almost divine circumstance to Marin. They're brought together, oblivious that higher powers are at work. With the passing of their greatest threat it seems like they can breathe somewhat easier now, and maybe start to think about a life more peaceful.

Until, one day, the skies changed color.

Alien ships appeared in the sky, sinister and imposing.

Warriors approached them, demanding their Kings, Queens, Princesses, and Regents back.

And then senshi started to disappear.


Rules & Senshi Fundamentals
List of Characters & Players

Taken Characters: Altair, Andromeda (constellation), Aquila, Biela, Bootes, Butterfly, Chiron, Clotho, Colchis, Deneb, Draco, Dysnomia, Eridanus, Eris, Freia, Gemini, Gliese, Hi'iaka, Ixion, Janus, Kojima, Lachesis, Mimas, Orcus, Perseus, Phoenix, Pisces, Polaris, Proteus, Psyche, Quaoar, Sedna, Serpens, Sirius, Subamara, Titania, Vega

Unavailable Characters: Helix, Hug-Bell, Pasithee, Varuna, Virgo

Planets & Moons | Stars | Constellations | Asteroids | Trans-Neptunian Objects

Membership to all OSW communities is moderated and only current players/characters are granted membership except to the OOC. Please feel free to watch them, however, or IM one of the mods.

Otaku Sailor Wars Communities:
otakusailorwars ~ Where game play happens.
ooc_osw ~ The OOC community, where questions, comments, planning, and general non-RP related things go.
osw_crack ~ The "crack" community, where gameplay not related to the storyline or general silliness goes.


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