New Ume

Radio Dance Break!

Loud music was spilling out of the Marin high school gymnasium, attracting both curious students and random passerbys. Inside, the gym was filled with balloons, crepe paper, and badly painted amateurish decorations. These were made rather hard to see, as someone had the brilliant idea of setting up multicolored flashing lights as well as a disco ball and out of control smoke machine.

Anyone who's ever seen Grease knows that this kind of set up can only lead to people suddenly bursting into song and well choreographed dance routines.
Nikado happy

Putting The X in Mistake

The morning seemed to be a normal morning, just like every other morning. That of course, excludes all the abnormal days, such as when youma go prancing through the daisy fields or when everyone starts speaking Esperanto for the heck of it, or when the world blows up. Again. But we don't talk about those days.


But on this particular morning, which seemed to be normal but was in fact not, so it had to cover its insecurities with snarky T-shirts and black makeup from Hot Topic, Fate decided to play a cruel little trick. And by Fate I mean several bored and possibly sadistic players. And by cruel little trick I mean everyone was now the opposite gender. Bam, just like that.

...well, you didn't expect a Hot Topic morning to give a good opening, did you?

(Morning: *is off writing emoetry and pretending to cut wrists*)
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[Normal] Shizuka


Shizuka held tightly onto her schoolbag and wandered through the building where the show she was voice acting for was. Unfortunatly, she was hopelessly lost. One would think that in such a large building she would run into someone, but this was not the case.

She was a bit nervous on calling out for someone, as it seemed very rude, but she went ahead anyways, "Hello? Is anyone here? Can someone direct me to room 4031?"

An Onsen we will go, an Onsen we will go...

As in any anime or manga you see, an onsen trip is practically obligatory. More often than not, it will be done by a co-ed group of friends at a non co-ed facility, there will be mishaps, misunderstandings, and wacky craziness. Hilarity ensues.

Osric hoped to God that this would not be the case. Somehow, Shizuka had persuaded him (more like begged and pleaded) him to apply to a raffle and had won himself some tickets to a free onsen trip. Shizuka was ecstatic when he'd asked her to go, and then had nearly beaten him into the ground when he'd tried to back out. So he kept one for himself and invited the girls along.

He was standing outside the bus stop where they were all to meet, duffel bag already packed, waiting for Shizuka and everyone else. The bus was supposed to take them all to the onsen house, located next to the beach a few hours away. Summer had barely begun but everyone was already in the swing of the holiday spirit and breaking out their shorts and t-shirt and sandals.
[Normal] Shizuka

Cooking Lessons

It was a well known fact that Shizuka, while not too bad at other household chores, was an absolutly terrible cook. Her dishes were curses upon the earth never to be spoken of, which wasn't so bad when she was living with a family who had iron-clad stomachs. But now she was living with her close and comparitivly more delicately stomached friend.

So to do the both of them a favor, she signed up for cooking lessons. She waited at Osric's apartment, hoping his archery club would be over soon so she could tell him.